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Storm ELIAS: Part of Patras-Athens highway closed due to landslide

Storm Elias already started to hit Greece and the heavy rainfall in Aigio, northern Peloponnese, caused a landslide. The rocks fell on the Patras-Athens highway with the effect that the old highway has been closed to traffic and so are parts of the new highway.

The landslide occurred at the 162nd km of Patras-Athens highway at the height of the town of Aigio and was caused by heavy rain falling at the site.

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Due to the incident, dozens of cars were immobilized, resulting in a major traffic jam reportedly extending 2 kilometers.

The biggest traffic problem is on the highway direction to Athens from Patras.

Conditions are difficult as next to the heavy rainfall there is also a strong hail-fall.

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via Skai Patras

At this time, workers crews are at the scene and are trying to open the road.

According to media information, there was another landslide in the same place when the storm Daniel his the country beginning of the month.

+++ Τhe highway lane to Athens opened to traffic again at Tuesday noon.

Meteorologists upgraded storm ELIAS to highest “danger level” Category RED  on Monday, with the state mechanism, firefighters, the army and all involved mechanism of the Civil Protection to focus on the already flooded-ares of Thessaly, central Greece.

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