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Storm ELIAS upgraded to RED category; 112 message to citizens in central Greece

Α message via the 112 emergency number was sent to residents of Thessaly, Fthiotida, the Sporades islands and north Evia on Sunday warning them of bad weather front called ELIAS forecast to hit these areas as of Monday, September 25, 2023.

According to the message, there will be: “Dangerous weather phenomena (powerful storms, hail) from the morning on 25/9 and for the next 48 hours in the broader region of Thessaly, Sporades, Fthiotida and north Evia.”

The message urged residents to limit their “movements for the duration of the phenomena and follow the instructions of the authorities.”


Updating its severe weather warning, Greece’s National Meteorological Service EMY upgraded the category to category RED, meaning “Dangerous weather phenomena.” It said that bad weather system “Elias” is expected to arrive in Greece on Monday, bringing heavy rainfalls, thunderstorms with a high frequency of lightning strikes and hail in many parts of Greece until Thursday, September 28.

On Monday, Storm Elias is expected to chiefly affect Thessaly (especially Karditsa and Trikala) and western Macedonia, parts of Central Macedonia and Fokida, Fthiotida, Evrytania and Viotia in Central Greece. It may briefly also impact Epirus, west Central Greece and the north Peloponnese.

On Tuesday, rain and storms are forecast in the Ionian Sea, mainland Greece (except in Macedonia and Thrace) and later the Sporades islands and north Evia. The most rainfall is expected in Thessaly, Central Greece and Epirus.

On Wednesday, intense weather phenomena are forecast to affect the Ionian Sea, central and southern mainland Greece, the Sporades islands, Evia, western Crete and possibly the western Cyclades islands.

The biggest quantities of rain are expected to fall in Karditsa, Fthiotida, eastern parts of Magnesia and north Evia.

Strong rain and storms are forecast to continue until Thursday afternoon in the Sporades islands, Magnesia, north Evia and northeastern Central Greece before gradually subsiding.

State mechanism is in full alert and several meetings have been held by the Civil Protection in the last few days.

The re-opening of schools in the flooded areas of Central Greece that were originally scheduled to open today, Monday, has been postponed due to ELIAS.

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