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Olympic Stadium OAKA to remain shut down throughout 2024

Deputy Sports Minister, Yannis Vroutsis, said on Monday that the Olympic Stadium OAKA in Athens will most probably remain shut down throughout 2024.

Vroutsis gave a press conference regarding the Olympic Stadium OAKA and the Olympic Cycle Track Velodrom that were shut down on Friday night due to static inadequacy of the Calatrava canopy roofs.

The Minister announced, among others, that 57 million euros will be allocated for the upgrade of the OAKA, while he emphasized that the transfers of the Ministry of Sports are increasing by 30%, based on the draft budget for 2024 that was submitted today (02/10) , in Parliament.

“Consultations, arrangements were made” with the sports clubs, which were previously hosted at OAKA.

“We hope that in 2024 at least the Cycle Track will open. So far there is no specific timetable,” he said.

As for the Olympic Stadium, the administration of the OAKA is awaiting the results of the second study by the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE) on the Calatrava canopies.

Regarding Panathinaikos FC and AEK FC, the teams that use the OAKA, the deputy minister stated that he will be by their side.

The OAKA lack of maintenance triggered a bombardment of TV reports where reporters have gone to several sports facilities checking with the camera signs of decay.

PS Surprise! Nobody knew that the Greek governments do not give a damn about maintenance. 🙄


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