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Traffic Police confirms over 53,000 violations in just two weeks

Greece’s Traffic Police was finally ordered to conduct intensive road safety checks  and limit the anarchy on the streets of the country. Within just two weeks, over 250,000 control checks were carried out recording thousands of dangerous violations.

Excessive speed, dangerous maneuvers, use of mobile phone while driving and red light violations along with illegal parking are the most offenses recorded by the Traffic Police in the first two weeks of October 2023.

These Traffic Code violations make 57% of the offenses.

A total of 230,848 traffic checks were carried out on drivers and vehicles in the period October 1-14, 2023 and 53,884 violations were confirmed.

Violations confirmed by region:

12,284 in Attica,
9,514 in Thessaloniki,
4,353 in Western Greece,
3,926 in Central Macedonia,
3,829 in Crete,
3,473 in Thessaly,
3,239 in the Peloponnese,
3,087 in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace,
3,016 in Central Greece,
2,693 in Epirus,
1,277 in the South Aegean,
1,191 in the Ionian Islands,
1,163 in the North Aegean and
839 in Western Macedonia.

Violations confirmed concern:

17,290 for illegal parking,
11.112 for excessive speed,
3,934 for driving without a driver’s license,
2,779 for not wearing a protective helmet,
1,977 for not wearing a seat belt,
1,348 for K.T.E.O.,
894 for drunk driving,
787 for uninsured vehicles,
714 for mobile phone use,
613 for noise pollution,
582 for signal violation,
342 for driving in the opposite traffic flow,
266 for abnormal maneuvers,
177 for worn tires,
171 for not keeping a safe distance,
161 for illegal overtaking,
104 for exhaust gases,
95 for opposite traffic on a one-way street,
91 for driver distraction,
69 for overweight-cargo dimensions,
53 for violation of traffic signal,
42 for priority violation,
37 for not driving at the right end of the road,
35 for not using child seats,
17 for lack of seat belt,
14 for improper use of lights,
7 for movement in the left lane,
1 for violation of pedestrian priority at a crossing and
9,147 other violations.

According to the Ministry of Citizen Protection, the controls will continue, with undiminished intensity, in the next period as part of the implementation of the plan for road safety, announced by the Ministry and the rest of the Hellenic Police.

Matches on the Beach

Targeted actions and specialized traffic controls of the Attica Traffic Directorate were carried out on a daily basis throughout the week from October 2 to 15, 2023, in the area of the coastal road Athens-Sounio, with the aim of dealing with improvised races, as well as other dangerous violations that lead to traffic accidents, cause noise pollution, disturb the safety of transportation and the smooth and safe movement of citizens.

A total of 843 traffic checks were carried out on drivers and vehicles, 640 violations were confirmed, for which the corresponding administrative fines were imposed, while one person was additionally arrested.

Violations confirmed on Athens-Sounio road:

150 for speeding,
89 for not wearing a helmet,
43 for mobile phone use,
42 for noise violations,
36 for not using a seat belt,
27 for violating a red light,
19 for deprivation of driving license,
9 for abnormal maneuvers,
9 for drunkenness,
7 to demonstrate skills,
4 for improvised races and
205 for other violations.

In addition, Traffic Police took 27 license plates, 208 driver’s ability licenses, 113 driving licenses, 15 vehicles and one person was arrested, news website reported.

Controls will continue with the same intensity in other areas of Attica, which show increased traffic delinquency.

PS Motorists’ and motorcyclists’ behavior has gone out of control -preferable violations: false driving on one-way street, parking on pavements and high speed – since beginning of the year, at least in Athens, where I live with the traffic police to have been practically and permanently absent. Let’s hope, that this time, controls and fines will be ongoing and not just a “good intention” gesture three months after the new Minister was appointed and he just wants to show he cares.

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    About time they did some thing , Greeks do not obey the rules of any kind

  2. Well, this is a joke. Where are the police in Chania? So many infractions and poor drivers. The other day I saw 3 individuals on one moped, mother, father and the child sitting in the middle. You don’t see this in other European countries.

  3. Oh you have better things to attend to. Just another money making scheme like the rest of the EU.