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Prosecutor to investigate serious injury of 16-year-old girl during clashes with police

The First Instance Prosecutor’s Office will investigate the circumstances behind the serious injury of the 16-year-old girl that occurred during an anti-fascist event that ended in clashes with police in Neo Heraklion suburb of western Athens on Saturday night.

The head of the First Instance Prosecutor’s Office requested an urgent preliminary examination to investigate the events that led to the minor being found unconscious on the road, with a serious head injury. The Prosecutor investigates possible “attempted murder”, a crime charged with felony.

The 16-year-old girl remains hospitalized in ICU of a hospital in Athens, and her life is  no longer at risk, state broadcaster ERT reported on Monday morning. However, she is still not in position to testify to investigating authorities about what happened.

Anti-fascist organizations and collectivities denounce “police violence” and demand clarification of the case.

The Police

The police have released a statement saying they were subjected to a severe “unprovoked attack” by a group of 50 people with covered faces. The police report that these people “immediately dispersed, without the police using their equipment,” daily kathimerini reported.

After that, they spotted the injured girl lying on the ground. They reported that “in their attempt to provide first aid” the police officers were attacked again and more severely by several people, against whom the police used their equipment.

Solidarity rallies

On Monday evening, anti-fascists organized a rally in solidarity with the girl in downtown Athens.

Rallies took place also in Thessaloniki and Patras.

Νέο Ηράκλειο: Πορείες συμπαράστασης στην 16χρονη που τραυματίστηκε στο Νέο Ηράκλειο

According to protesters the girl suffered injuries after she was beaten by police and fell on the ground.

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