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Manhunt for suspect of four sexual assault cases in Exarchia, downtown Athens (video)

Police in downtown Athens has been set on alert in the last 48 hours after four incidents of sexual assault and attempted rape in broad daylight. Among the victims is a 13-year-old girl and three women in their 2o’s. Locals consider to set up “patrols” to protect women and minors.

The area in which the man seems to be active, so far, is the district of Exarchia.

The first assault took place last Thursday, November 16,  with the victim being a young doctor who was working in a specific apartment building. When the perpetrator assaulted her, she screamed and he run away, as the CCTV video below shows

At 2 p.m. on Saturday afternoon, he grabbed the 13-year-old girl as she was walking to the gym. He started groping her but she also started to scream and fought to escape his grip.

On Monday morning, two women aged 27 and 29 years old, were assault by the suspect. Both victims told police that he grabbed them, put his hand over their mouth and tried to rape them. Both woman managed to escape and run away. Worth noting that the two assaults reportedlytook place within 10 minutes: the first on zoodoxhos Pigis street and the second on the Benaki-Nikitaras corner, just one block away.
All victims described the perpetrator to police as a man in his 30’s, of medium height, with fair skin and hair and with blue eyes. , who spoke Greek and English with an accent, several media reported. Some of them said the man spoke broken English and others he spoke broken Greek.

In an attempt to identify the perpetrator, police showed the victims pictures of registered delinquents for similar crimes.

As police investigation continues with evaluation of CCTV footage and other material, citizens of Exarchia are very much concerned and are considering to set up “patrols” in order to protect women and minors in the neighborhood, reported.

Worth noting that there are always strong riot police forces in Exarchia area, which was famous for the clashes between anarchists and police in the recent past, while police is safeguarding the headquarters of socialist PASOK-KINAL as well as the metro construction site at the square of the same name.

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