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Taxi drivers on 24-hour strike on Nov 22

With a 24-hour strike on Wednesday, November 22, taxi drivers respond to the government’s tax bill affecting self-employed and free-lancers, taxing them with a deemed income, claiming tax evasion.

It should be noted that also other sectors of self-employed and freelancers such as traders and scientists may participate in the strike on Wednesday.

In a statement issued last week, the Attica Taxi Drivers’ Union (SATA) pointed out that “the government defiantly ignored all the arguments of the freelancers and the self-employed and is proceeding with the implementation of the Pisarides plan while turning a blind eye to multinational companies and large business groups.”

SATA characterized the draft law as “chronology of a foretold death for every small and medium-sized business”, adding that “this government is programmed to employ all freelancers and self-employed people.”

“SATA rejects every word of the tax bill of shame and calls the taxi drivers to a struggle without tomorrow,” the statement reportedly stressed.

The conservative government tabled the bill to the Parliament on Tuesday.

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