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New bad weather front with rainfalls, storms, gusty winds up to 9 Β

Hardly is storm Bettina gone, a strong barometric low coming from North-West Europe and moving southeast will cause a new wave of bad weather in Greece, forecast to last from the evening hours of Monday, November 27, until Wednesday, November 29, 2023,

The bad weather front bring rainfalls, locally strong thunderstorms -mainly on Tuesday – and gusty winds.

According to the available forecast data of service of the National Observatory of Athens:

On Monday, Nov 27, rainfalls will affect: Western Peloponnese, the western mainland, the Ionian islands as of Monday afternoon. Gradually and during the night and until the early hours of Tuesday 28/11, the effects will intensify and extend further east.

On Tuesday, Nov 28, rain and local storms will occur in the greater part of the country. Rainfalls and storms will be intense in places and significant amounts of rain are expected mainly in Western Sterea, Western and Southern Peloponnese, Epirus, the Ionian Islands and Thrace.

On Wednesday, Nov 29, the phenomena will gradually be limited in the Eastern Aegean islands, where until midday rains and locally strong storms are expected. Local rainfalls are expected in Southern and Western Peloponnese, Western Mainland, Epirus, the Cyclades islands and in the early hours of the morning in Eastern Mainland and South Evia.

In Map 1 below, the estimated cumulative amount of rain from Monday 27/11 to Wednesday 29/11/2023:

According to the categorization of the rainfall episode (Regional Precipitation Index), which is applied by the Meteo,gr of the National Observatory of Athens, the rainfalls on Tuesday, when the most intense phenomena are forecast, is classified in Category 4 (Very Important) .

Wind intensity

At the same time, on Tuesday, Nov 28, a significant strengthening of the south-southwest winds is forecast in the Aegean Sea with intensity of up to 8 Beaufort.

A gradual weakening of the winds is expected from the early hours of Wednesday 29/11/2023. In Map 2 below, the maximum intensity and direction of the winds for Tuesday 28/11 are shown.

Note that strong winds, especially, southern ones, usually affect the sea traffic. Contact local port authorities and travel agents, if you plan to travel by sea these three days, November 27-29, 2023.

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