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Police evicts disable 82-year-old man in Halkidiki (videos)

Strong police forces moved to evict an 82-year-old disable man and his family from the home they built and lived in for half a century. The eviction took place while a temporary court decision allowed the family to stay in their home until February 2024.

Wrapped in blankets and sitting in his wheelchair, the old man, his wife, their  belongings hastily in packed in plastic bags and their dog landed on the street in the cold of Nea Flogita in Halkidiki, northern Greece.

A transport company loaded the furniture into a truck.

Furthermore, police threatened the man’s daughter and her son that they would “get into trouble”, if they would continue to film the eviction.

The eviction mobilized neighbors, solidarity groups and some unions who rushed to hinder the action as they did some six months ago. In vain.

Police reportedly attacked also the protesters and a picture shows the president of the local builders’ union being immobilized by the police.

The evicted family and the solidarity protesters complained that police officers also used violence on the daughters, resulting in one of them having bruises and cuts on her hand.

It is recalled that the police have evicted the family of disable Theofilos in the past, but they returned to the house they have lived in for the last 53 years and raised their 3 children due to a temporary court decision to their favor.

Last May, the picture of Theofilos sleeping  in the yard of his house for  56 days shocked the Greek society. In the first eviction attempt, police and the new owner had changed the locks.

Speaking to local media, Theofilos said the temporary court decision issued in July provided that they stay in their home until February 2024. After a favorable court decision the family had returned to their home, but today the new owner together with the Greek police, had another plan.

“I have nowhere to go, I’ll wait here,” the man stressed.

The man lost his house because he was guarantor to his son’s bank loan he could no longer serve. The bank sold the red loan to a fund that put it in auction and it was obtained by a rich businessman, a foreign national.

The local community and unions of the area are not giving up and are calling for a gathering in Nea Flogita again early Tuesday evening.

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  1. Really hope that something can be done for this man, his family and dog. It is extremely tough for disabled people in Greece.

    • I agree. The complicit behavior of the “authorities” is disgusting.

      (Just wondering) why was the rich businessman/foreign national unable to wait until the end of Feb next year.

  2. So the police violated a court order, threatened the daughter for filming and then mistreated her and some others.

    The police, your best friend?