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Some municipalities in Greece to use “silent fireworks” to protect animals

Τhe mayor of the city of Kavala in northern Greece decided to use silent fireworks during the New Year’s Eve celebrations to protect animals and birds.

Mayor Thodoros Mouriadis told local media that for the first time they will use “silent fireworks for the protection of our four-legged friends.”

He added that the decision was taken following letters from citizens who reported to Municipality of the problems – and often harm – animals and birds face due to loud fireworks.

“When I read that the Municipality of Kalamata decided to use fireworks that don’t make noise, I looked a little more into it and indeed there are these fireworks. So we decided to use them too. The spectacle will b the same, just without the noise,” the mayor stressed.

“The advent of 2024 will be accompanied by colorful sparkles, magical images and a resounding message of respect for the rights of our four-legged friends,” Mouriadis pointed out.

PS This is the good news on NYE and we hope that this initiative will be generalized throughout the country.

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  1. Brilliant idea. I didn’t know it was such a big problem.

  2. My poor mutt was stressed yesterday like never before, such was the quantity and loudness of the fireworks and crackers.
    This initiative is to be commended, but will the non thinkers care?

  3. Noise pollution created by human activity affects millions of wild animals around the world , it must be intolerable for sea mammals and animals that use sound for basic communication.
    But let’s make it about our pets ,because they are far more important than other animals that actually contribute to our ecosystem. More misguided fundamentalism .

  4. At last, common sense prevails. Some of these fireworks are more like military grade weapons and new year’s eve sounded more like a war zone….what is it about loud “bangs” that people like so much? Let’s hope the idea of quiet fireworks catches on.