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Albanian criminal arrested on warrant at the airport; released on bail a few hours later

A 48-year-old Albanian national was arrested at Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport in Athens on Wednesday morning. The man, known as “Takis, the Albanian”, was arrested on the basis of a pending arrest warrant against him for being allegedly involved in a car bomb with one dead and other criminal acts. He had arrived from UK.

Within hours, he was released on a 10,000-euros bail.

The man known in the night scene as “Takis, the Albanian” has been accused of intentional homicide by explosion, denied the accusations attributed to him and related to a car explosion that occurred on Attiki Odos in Athens in 2014, news website reported. The car driver, a Albanian national working as body guard, was killed, while his co-passenger, his girl-friend, survived with serious injuries.

The man was primary suspect for the explosion and was under investigation by the authorities, while an arrest warrant against him was issued.

He was arrested in January 2021 in Lamia, when together with a well-known “godfather” of the Athens southern suburbs, they went to pick up Alker Rizai, a well-known Albanian criminal who was on leave from prison.

During a random check, police found that there was a pending warrant against “Takis” for a mafia-style execution in a well-known bar in Glyfada in October 2017.

“Takis” was arrested and remanded in custody but a short time later he was released from prison with restrictive conditions. He had denied all charges.

Speaking to Takis’ lawyer said that the “ball” now goes to the judicial council, which will decide on his impeachment or not.

Citing his lawyer, police news website, reported that “Takis” came on purpose from London to testify and he was aware that he would be arrested.

Worth noting that a judicial decision banning him from leaving Greece was issued on January 23, 2024.

PS In the land of whatever…some criminal is coming and going in the country whenever he likes and he gets around free since 2014!

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