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Lesvos: Two dead, one missing when boat crashes on rocky shore

Two people died and another person has been missing when a boat carrying migrants crashed on a rocky shore of Lesvos due to gale-force winds.

The shipwreck happened in the area of Palios in Mandamado, northeast of the islands of Lesvos in the night Monday to tuesday, January 29-30, the Greek coast Guard announced.

Due to strong winds blowing in the area with wind gusts of up to 9 Beaufort, the search and rescue operation could not be carried out from the sea.

Tuesday morning, police found two bodies as well as a total of 57 foreigners who had taken refuge in the surrounding hills immediately after their arrival.

They were on a plastic boat, with which they had started their journey from Turkey’s western coast.

According to one of the survivors, one of the passengers fell into the sea when the boat hit the rocky shore and has been missing ever since.

The rescued foreigners were transferred to a quarantine area at the Reception and Identification Center of Kara Tepe, Mytilene.

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