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Authorities in Rethymno investigate sex-trafficking of a minor girl

Authorities in Rethymno, Crete, investigate the case of the sexual abuse and exploitation  of a minor girl and have already filed against 12 adult men.

The victim is 15 years old now and has been reportedly sexually abused continuously for the last three years, that is since she was 12.

Speaking to news website, police sources emphasized that the Rethymnon Police received an anonymous complaint a few months ago that reported an illegal prostitution ring was exporting an underage girl.

Police has been investigating the case since summer 2023 with utmost secrecy and managed to collect the necessary evidence, with the file reaching the investigative authorities.

According to information, the case file involves at least 12 adult men from the area of Mylopotamos, who allegedly had sexual relations with the minor girl. The men are 10 Greeks and 2 foreigners,

Greek Police have reportedly already proceeded to arrest one person related to the case, for whom an arrest warrant had been issued. The 38-year-old man is a Pakistani national who was arrested when the complaint was filed.

At the same time, police authorities are waiting for the examination of the case by the investigator, so that they can proceed with other arrests if corresponding warrants are issued.

The case revives memories of the shocking pimping case of a 12-year-old girl in Sepolia district of Athens in 2022. The case is now in the courtrooms.

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  1. WHY do some (sometimes, I fear, many) men believe that girls/women are a “doll” or just “meat” or something that they “own” that exists only for their pleasure??? Poor girl, I hope she gets help to recover from this! Horrifying, she is so young!