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Rethymno: Breeder’s murder on Crete revives 10-year-old vendetta

The atmosphere is tense in Ano Meros by Amari village after the murder of a 63-year-old stock-breeder. Locals express fear for the revival of an old vendetta between two families as the victim has allegedly killed the grandfather of the suspected murderer. The breeder was assassinated with three bullets in …

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Frontex pictures from the rescue operation of Russian tourist drifted off Crete

The Frontex has released pictures from the rescue operation of the Russian tourist who was drifted away in the sea while on an air mattress. The missing for 20 hours. The 55-year-old Russian national was spotted by Frontex border patrol aircraft and was rescued by the Greek Coast Guard. She …

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Crete: Owner Lets Chained Dog Die in Rusty Barrel

That’s the sear animal abuse and not only! The owner of a dog let him die chained into a rusty barrel and he didn’t even bother to remove the cadaver of the unlucky soul. It is not known how the unfortunate creature died. Whether from starvation or sickness. The Animal …

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