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Crete mayor freezes fines for illegal buildings

The Municipality of Iraklio on Crete has of its own accord put a freeze on the imposition of fines for illegal structures in the city.

Iraklio Mayor Alexis Kalokairinos said the aim of the decision is to pressure the Environment Ministry to once again allow the legalization of buildings without a permit or with major urban planning illegalities (Category 5).

“Our goal is for the owners of Category 5 arbitrary buildings, where the construction and maintenance fines are exorbitant (up to €1 million), to be able to join a settlement arrangement,” he said in a press release.

The ministry has categorically ruled out including such a regulation in the long-awaited multi-law bill, stating that the issue is being examined more broadly. Environment Minister Thodoris Skylakakis told daily Kathimerini, “We envisage a process through which all new arbitrary buildings will be demolished immediately, because we want people to stop building illegally.”

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  1. this kind of thing might possibly be palatable if it were honestly executed using reasonable and sensible rules and criteria.. but in reality it is corrupt and selective application (big projects are magically always allowed, ordinary people are dragged over the coals on technicalities) of opaque and arbitrary rules which all together only give the impression that ‘ordinary people are not allowed to have nice things’ and by this technicality or that we will either bleed you forever or shut you down if you dare to live in a decent house without being among the rich&powerful club.
    like the ‘sumptuary’ laws of ages past where ordinary people werent allowed to dress nicely because the nobility feared it would lessen their ‘distinction’ or some such rubbish!

  2. All the rules on domestic households need to be precise and clear. When selling your house it is not uncommon for taxes to be slapped on houses for any slight alterations that might have taken place over 50 years ago. As pensioners we are more concerned at present with our electricity bill. I had estimated the bill would not be more than 600euros. We have just received our bill for 1030 euros. We have spoke to many British people who are considering returning to the UK if it is only being able to receive benefits there that they can not get at present. Myy Wife and myself are not planning on going anywhere but we need to keep warm.

  3. Here here! You’ve hit the nail on the head. For Lasithi property on the sea front at Sisi has been demolished but for Elounta and Ierapetra the decision is on hold!