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Third defendant on Tempi-related contract released on 700,000-euro bond

The third defendant to testify before the European Public Prosecutor’s Greek representative on Tempi-related contract 717 was released on Tuesday on a 700,000-euro bond to be paid soon, and a ban on traveling abroad.

The contract 717 relates to European Union-funded projects by ErgOSE, the Hellenic Railways Organisation’s (OSE) subsidiary for projects.

Two more defendants who were supervising the controversial works have already testified. Each was released with bonds totaling 1.1 million euros.

Contract 717 related to signalling and other work that was not carried out and resulted in a train accident at Adendros and the deadly train collision at Tempi. The summons to testify came by order of the European Prosecutor investigating the use of EU funds. A total of 23 people have been summoned to testify before investigator Christina Salappa: 14 from ErgOSE, 4 from the Transport, Environment and Sustainable Development Ministry’s related administrative agency, and 5 from the contractor who assumed responsibility for the works.

Testimonies will continue and the process is expected to conclude end of April.

PS and again the usual mean Greeks wonder where the suspect will find the 700,000 euros to pay the bail. Just as they did in the case of the other two defendants who had to pay a bail of €600,000 and €500,000 respectively.

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