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Court finds Roula Pispirigou guilty for the murder of her daughter

A court in Athens found Roula Pispirigou guilty for the murder of her 9-year-old daughter Georgina Daskalaki and sentenced her to life imprisonment.

The Mixed Jury Court unanimously ruled on Friday that Pispirigou was guilty of both the homicide and the attempted homicide of her first-born and last surviving daughter.

The court adopted the prosecutor’s proposal and short time after the verdict was announced, sentenced her to life imprisonment.

The verdict was the culmination of a 14-month criminal trial, with the presiding judge declaring the 35-year-old Patras woman guilty of murdering her nine-year-old daughter on January 29, 2022 by poisoning her with a fatal dose of ketamine, while the girl was being treated at the Aglaia Kyriakou children’s hospital in Athens.

The court also found the woman guilty of the attempted murder of the young girl a few months earlier, in 2021, again through the administration of a strong dose of ketamine.

Based on the court’s decision, the heart attack that Georgina had suffered in April 2021 in the Karamandanio Hospital, when she was revived by doctors but left paralyzed, was the result of Pispirigou’s actions.

Pispirigou said she would not present any extenuating circumstances and consequently faced a sentence of life imprisonment. She said that she would appeal the court decision, media reported.

In August 2022, prosecutors brought additional charges for the deaths of her two younger daughters, 3.5-year-old Malena and 6-month-old Iris, pointing out at a modus operandi.

Malena, Iris and first born Georgina, 9, died in a period of two and a half years under mysterious circumstances.

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