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Wildfire in south Crete contained; suspect arrested

The wildfire in Mavros Kolymbos in Lasithi, southern Greece, has been contained the fire brigade announced on Sunday. Α 35-year-old suspect for arson has been arrested.

Fire fighting forces remain in the area.

απολογισμός φωτιά Ιεράπετρα Πυροσβεστική rsSatellite pictures of the burned area at 12:05 p.m. April 7, 2024posted by Remote Sensing Lab

The fire started on Saturday morning and burned down 2,500 acres of forest and agricultural land, caused damaged in greenhouses and homes, local media reported.

πυρκαγιά Ιεράπετραπυρκαγιά Ιεράπετρα

Over 200 firefighters with 38 fire engines and 4 helicopters participated in the operation to extinguish the fire.

Still  36 fire fighters with 18 engines remain in the area on Monday, due to possible rekindling, the local media noted adding that “the blaze has been contained the soil is still burning.”

Fire fighting forces on the island of Crete have been put on general alert until April 9.

Authorities arrested on Sunday a 35-year-old Greek national as a suspect for starting the wildfire, the fire brigade announced.

According to the announcement, the suspect was arrested by fire brigade officers from the Crimes of Arson Department, in cooperation with fire brigade investigators.

The suspect is to appear before a Misdemeanours Prosecutor in Lasithi on Monday.

Sources in the fire brigade said the suspect had set fire to branches after pruning work in a field. One of the fires had not been properly extinguished so that the fire spread quickly as powerful winds were blowing with intensity of 7 to 8 Beaufort.

Several villages had to be evacuated two firefighter and two locals have been injured. Among them is a farmer who remains intubated in the hospital with severe inner burning injuries.

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