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Greek filed lawsuit against AstraZeneca for two blood clots

A 35-year-old Greek man has filed a lawsuit against AstraZeneca and the Greek State, for having suffered two blood clots after being vaccinated against the coronavirus with the company’s vaccine.

“Proceedings have been filed against Astrazeneca and the Greek State. My vaccination created two clots, one was in the left lower limb, in the central artery, and the second in my left carotid artery,” Alexandros Metaxakis told Mega TV Live News magazine on Wednesday, after the company announced the vaccine withdrawal worldwide.

It is recalled that AstraZeneca is withdrawing its Covid vaccine worldwide months after the pharmaceutical giant admitted for the first time in court documents that it can cause a rare and dangerous side effects such as blood clots. The Swedish-British company had applied for the withdrawal of the vaccine on March 5 and it took effect from yesterday, Tuesday (May 5, 2024).

“I had the Astrazeneca vaccine on April 25, 2021. On May 10, it will be three years since the first thrombosis, which occurred about 15 days after my vaccination,” Metaxakis underlined.

To treat the two thrombosis,  Metaxakis was hospitalized and underwent two lengthy surgeries. He then underwent anticoagulant treatment, which created a problem in his left kidney, as a result of which he was hospitalized for another 13 days.

“Now, my health is fine. I do formal checks but everything is going well”, he pointed out, noting that with his lawsuits he is asking for compensation for physical and moral damages.

He told late STAR TV that the first surgery lasted 7 hours and he was afraid that his leg would be amputated. the second surgery took place two hours later due to the blood clot in the carotid artery.

He added to Mega TV that the lawsuits he has filed have not yet been adjudicated following  two postponements requested by the Greek State that have been granted, as a file with the documents has not yet been filed.

“Supposedly they haven’t had time to gather all these [medical] documents that I have gathered to file the lawsuit,” he suggested.

He pointed out that not a single person neither from the Greek state nor from the AstraZeneca has contacted him in the last three years.

It is not clear when exactly Metaxakis filed his lawsuits, but it seems shortly after his surgeries.

Side effect Risks

As the issue has created concern among those vaccinated with AstraZeneca also in Greece, health experts reassured that any side effect occurs withing 15 days and not 1.5 year after the vaccination.

Use of AstraZeneca declined as soon as mRNA vaccines became largely available.


Vaccination against Covid-19 was initially mandatory especially for those over 60 but with time Greeks‘ eagerness to get protected started lagging already in October 2022.

Despite reassurances, citizens remain suspicious as Greek Health authorities are not famous for their credibility in the pandemic issue and the information to public. Many recalled that the Greek top epidemiologists had claimed that children are protected from the airborne coronavirus due to “a special enzyme they have inside their nostrils.”

AstraZeneca and Blood clots cases in Greece

Assistant Epidemiology professor Gkikas Majiorkinis told ANT1 TV on Wednesday evening, that there have been no more than 5 cases that developed blood clots and τhrombocytopenia (TTSyndrome) after were administered the specific vaccine.

He claimed that they had advised AstraZeneca vaccine to elderly people, while everybody remembers that it was administered also to younger generations and thus allowing 2nd jab of Astreneca still in June 2021. Majiorkinis even went so far to compare the possibility of a traffic accident with the possibility of a side effect by a vaccine.

Speaking to medical issues website iatropedia.gr, Pulmonology Professor at the University of Crete, Nikos Tzanakis, pointed out that although AstraZeneca vaccine has saved hundreds of thousands of human lives the specific side effect has been known, it is indisputable and has been also recorded in the scientific literature.

“We knew that this vaccine is rarely associated with this side effect of blood clots. We didn’t expect the company to admit it, after all it was something they had to do compulsorily, to admit that this problem with blood clots exists anyway.”

He recalled three cases of blood clots after Astra-vaccination in Crete, with one of them to have ended fatally.

“There were no more adverse reactions in Crete. There were three incidents [in the beginning of the vaccination period] in which one woman died. it created a big buzz. Statistically, the problem is not more severe,” Tzanakis stressed.

On Wednesday, the European Medicines Agency EMA pulled authorization for AstraZeneca’s COVID shot, at company’s request, the Associated Press reported.

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  1. First let me say I am very pro vaccination and have accepted every vaccine ever offered to me.

    Having said that, I think there are problems with the AstraZeneca vaccine that are not being investigated. I know a number of people who developed blood clots within a few days of receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine and were told that they were not related to the vaccine because they were not of the rare τhrombocytopenia (TTSyndrome) type. They were all seriously ill and some have extremely long term health consequences.

    I am fully aware that an event occurring after another event does not necessarily mean they are causally related but it does make them worthy of investigation. Is anybody researching the WHO adverse effect reports to find all incidences of blood clots not just this rare kind?

    I still think that AstraZeneca was a useful and effective vaccine and saved massively more lives than it ended but I think health authorities need to be more open and honest, including paying compensation, otherwise people’s distrust of them will continue to get worse.

  2. “As the issue has created concern among those vaccinated with AstraZeneca also in Greece, health experts reassured that any side effect occurs withing 15 days and not 1.5 year after the vaccination.”

    Absolute utter hogwash.

    I wish Metaxakis the best of luck.

    The flood gates are now opening.

  3. At the end the of the day the pharmaceutical companies
    want to make a profit,so if a few people have a bad reaction,I believe they don’t actually care!

    • That is the characteristic of a psychopath of which there are many – particularly in the pharmaceutical world.

      By the way, it’s not “a few people”.

  4. Today, it’s been revealed that Pfizer Settles 10,000 Lawsuits For Hiding CANCER Risks!

    • keeptalkinggreece

      where? link? pfizer vaxx?

      • sorry (I didn’t think links were allowed)

        • keeptalkinggreece

          they are not, it was for my own info. Who’s this clown? what’s his qualifications? BTW the issue refers to Zantac (not to vaccine) and the company has withdrawn it a few years ago after finding out the cancer risk..