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Gastroenteritis outbreak: Over 100 people hospitalized, one dead

Over 100 people in the prefecture of Magnisia have suffered from gastroenteritis symptoms in the last couple of days and one infected elderly woman died on Monday.

One hundred people, among them elderly and children, have been hospitalized in the hospitals of Volos, Larissa and Velestino.

There are indication that the public water has been infected with the salmonella bacteria.

People in the area have been warned to use public water only in the toilet and avoid any other use such as drinking tap water, using it fro cooking or washing until the exact causes of the gastroenteritis have been determined.

Bottled water has been distributed to local residents on Monday.

Kindergartens and elementary schools have been closed down until further notice.

Citing information from the General Hospital in Volos, the capital city of the prefecture, local newspaper reported on Monday morning that 34 patients have arrived in the hospital since May 27.

Among them, there are 20 are children and 14 are adults. Of these, 12 children were hospitalized in the pediatric clinic and 5 adults (4 in B Pathology and 1 in ICU).

On June 3, 8 children and 3 adults remain hospitalized and one in ICU.

A 91 -year-old woman from the area of Almyros was admitted with septic shock and symptoms of gastroenteritis early Sunday evening and died  twelve hour later.

State broadcaster ERT reported that some 80 people have been admitted to hospitals in the area and confirmed that the first water samples that were tested over the weekend showed “salmonella”.

Teams of health authorities have been deployed in the area and reportedly went door to door to register also infections where the patients did not visit a hospital.

Confirmed infections have rose to 87 by Monday afternoon.

The majority of infections has affected residents of the villages Rizomylo and Stefanovikio.

The Prosecutor’s Office in Volos intervened on Monday and ordered an investigation regarding the contamination of the water in the two villages and to assign responsibility if any.

“Feces and salmonella in the water boreholes, in the reservoir tank and in specific points of the regional network have been traced” the National Health Care organization EODY reportedly said in a statement.

Samples collection and laboratory tests continue.

According to Mega TV Live News Magazine, salmonella has been traced also in samples taken from hospitalized patients.

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  1. This is the inevitable risk of allowing anyone to access the water supplies, it should only be done by qualified water company staff who are trained to avoid contamination, not anyone who has a set of tools but little knowledge and wants a cheap job done.

  2. You mean salmonella bacteria not “virus”.
    Please correct.