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Greece EU Elections: Ruling ND wins but missed goal by 5%

Initial results from Sunday’s ballots for the European Parliament show that none of the big three parties in Greece have reached their stated goals.

By 86.84% of the votes counted, ruling New Democracy missed its target of 33%, main opposition SYRIZA its goal of over 20% and PASOK missed its goal to climp to second position.

  1. ND 27.9%
  2. SYRIZA 14.8%
  3. PASOK 12.9%.

On the other hand, far-right parties significantly increased their share of the vote, even if one of them, the Spartans were excluded form the EU elections.

Nationalist Greek Solution is currently at 9.6%. ultra-religious Niki was at 4.4% and nationalist/patriotic Voice of Reason at 3.05%.

Communist Party KKE is at 9.4% , while SYRIZA dissidents New Left receives below the 3% threshold.

In these results, the postal votes have not been incorporated.

Voting participation reached a “historic low level” and is estimated at 40.40%

So far, all parties have claimed that they won.

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