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Flying cockroaches inundate Larissa in central Greece

A plague of flying cockroaches appears to have spread in the city of Larissa, central Greece, with citizens filling dozens of complaints to local authorities in the last two weeks.

According to local newspaper, the citizens have seen  their homes, businesses and streets inundated by big flying cockroaches.

A resident complaint to local and sent also a picture of a flying intruder she had successfully manage to exterminate.

“The situation has reached the limits! We are afraid to open because [doors, windows] they are invading our home. They sit on the screens and there is chaos everywhere! In the [city] center everywhere, in the fortress at night they attack!,” the woman wrote urging authorities to finally take the necessary measures.

Speaking to the daily, deputy mayor Konstantinos Argyropoulos said that the appearance of large numbers of the specific species is not uncommon in Larissa in the summer, particularly after a mild winter.
However, this year the phenomenon appears particularly acute.
Experts recalled the floods last September and noted that the flooding in the area has also contributed to the problem by flushing the cockroaches out into the open.

Identified as Periplaneta americana (or American cockroach), the pest inundating Larissa is the largest and fastest among common cockroach species and can spread at a rapid pace thanks to its ability to fly.

Argyropoulos told Eleftheria the local authority is doing its best to spray the city’s more than 8,500 grates with insecticides that should help curb the problem, but residents and businesses are also being urged to join the battle by spraying their properties.

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