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SYRIZA leader Kasselakis victim of homophobic attack

SYRIZA leader Stefanos Kasselakis requested on Tuesday the intervention of a public prosecutor after the law office of prominent lawyer Alexis Kougias issued a  homophobic statement.

The issue started on the occasion of the severe beating of a 37-year-old lawyer by her husband, also a lawyer, Apostolos Lytras.
Kougias appeared on ANT1 TV on Tuesday morning and claimed, among others, that  Lytras was “manly” enough to confess to the crime not only to the prosecutor but also publicly.
Kasselakis responded on social media that “There is nothing ‘manly’ about abuse.”
In retaliation, Kougias’ office issued a homophobic statement, asking Kasselakis to declare whether he is the man or the woman in his same-sex marriage with his partner Tayler.
The office announcement triggered an outrage on social media with many user urging the SYRIZA leader to file a lawsuit against Kougias.
Tuesday afternoon, government spokesman Pavlos Marinakis said in an interview with Mega TV “I want to condemn the ​​unacceptable statement against the leader of the main opposition, Stefanos Kasselakis.”

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