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Journalist brutally beaten while reporting Live from the wildfire (video)

Α journalist reporting live from the wildfire in Vari-Koropi on Wednesday was brutally punched and beaten by three workers of a business on fire. The unprecedented incident against Frixos Drakondidis, reporter at took place in the yard of a Jet Ski business that was already engulfed by flames.

The said business was adjacent to the plot where the wildfire broke out earlier.

Video Beating of journalist as shown live from MEGA TV

The assault was shown live on TV screens as other reporters were live streaming from the area.

The beating stopped following appeals by Drakontides who was shouting that he was doing his job for the benefit of the residents who are fighting the flames.

Drakontidis was beating while he was broadcasting live what everything that was happening in the battle of residents and the Fire Department against the flames.

While the jet ski business was engulfed in flames, he broadcast footage describing what was going on.

The broadcast was cut short due to the unprovoked attack by the three workers of the Jet Ski business who punched the journalist, threw him to the ground and continued beating him.

In the end, the victim left the venue, while it is not know whether he filed a lawsuit or whether the attackers were arrested.

Meanwhile Minister for Civil Protection & Climate Crisis Vassilis Kikilias told media that the wildfire in Vari-Koropi in eastern Attica this morning was an arson.

There is a video showing a man starting fire on dry grasses along the Varis-Koropiou Avenue, while a cloth and a firelighter were found nearby,” the Minister said.

He added that as soon as authorities allow the video will be released to the media.

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