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What do Greeks need amid the crisis? German ammunition worth €52m

Just when I was sitting at the balcony, wondering what this troubled society of Greeks need in times of ongoing economic crisis, high unemployment and recession, I felt a  short pain on my right arm. It wasn’t an angry and hungry mosquito. It was a Leopard tank having fired a …

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USA Grants Military Aid to Greece: 400 Abrams M1A1

 Greece Defense Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos stoke a deal with his American counterpart, U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta: USA will grant to Greece 400 used  Abrams M1A1 tanks and tracked vehicles including 700 personnel carrier type M113. The army material will come from the stocks of the U.S. Army and it will be …

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Germany, France & Holland Sold Greece €1 billion of Arms Amid Debt-Crisis

There is no money for wages, pensions, medicines and books, but there is money for arms. Especially when they are sold by EU countries, our eager-to-bailout-Greece friends. Friends willing to give loans but only under one condition: Trade “arms” for “bailout”.  Citing official EU figures, the website revealed that Eu countries like Germany, …

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Independent: France and Germany to Blame for Greece Crisis

  As Greeks wait for a second eurozone rescue package to finally be agreed in Brussels today, many are blaming Germany and France for encouraging and benefiting from some of the much-criticised profligate spending which reduced Greece to near bankruptcy. Do France and Germany have a share on the Greek …

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