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Greece apologizes to Bosnia for fans’ banner praising the Massacre in Srebrenica

Brainless Greek fascists raised a banner praising the massacre of Srebrenica in 1995 where 8,000 Muslims Bosniaks, mainly men and boys were killed by the Serbs. During the match between Greece and Bosnia national teams, Greeks raised a banner reading in Serbian: «Noz, zica, Srebrenica» (knife, wire, Srebrenica) On Monday, …

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Greek police arrests two ISIS suspects with Swedish passports & machetes in their luggage

Two people suspected to have links with the ISIS have been arrested in Alexandroupoli town in Northern Greece, near the Greek-Turkish borders. The two men were holders of Swedish passports and had one machete and military uniforms in their luggage. One is of Yemen origin and one from Bosnia. The …

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“Eurogendfor” Hit-Men Took Off Their …Riot-Helmets

According to a very reliable source, the “eurogendfor” hit-men  alledgedly in Greece to combat riots… were in fact ….Czech soldiers from the “Balkan Brigade” of SEEBRIG, the Multinational Peace Force  South-Eastern Europe Brigade. The soldiers arrived in Greece via Igoumenitsa , were transported to Tyrnavos in Central Greece and then moved with buses …

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