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ECB report: “Default risk expectations increased sharply for Greece”

The European Central Bank issued it Financial Stability Review today and made very important conclusions: that Default risk has increased for Greece and that the Greek banking sector has suffered substantial deposit outflows. “Wow,” as Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis would say expressing his astonishment about the extremely surprising and nonplus …

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Merkel cheers “Grexit” hand in hand with Samaras

German Chancellor Angela Merkel took her close friend Antonis Samaras by the hand and they both cheer “Grexit!” in every swirl of their XXL-austerity waltz. According to German weekly Der Spiegel , Angela Merkel was allegedly willing to let Greece leave the eurozone  should the foolish Greek voters elect a …

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German FinMin Schauble on Cyprus: confused, absent-minded or just a tricky politician?

We all remember German finance minister Woflgang Schaeuble claiming that Cyprus was not systemically relevant for the euro zone. His slogan was more or less that the collapse of Cyrpus’s banking sector would not affect the eurozone as the impact could not be systemically. Today, Wolfgang Schaueble claimed exactly the opposite: that …

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IIF Dallara: Greek Euro Exit Would Destabilize World Economy, ECB

Greece’s euro exit would destabilise world economy, the European Central Bank and the contagion will affect other countries like Italy, Spain and Portugal, too, head of Institute of International Finance (IIF) Charles Dallara said in an interview. He urged a European realistic approach to austerity. The head of the global banking …

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Eurogroup-Juncker’s Raw Blackmail to Greeks “If not…” (video)

Euro-Indians Chief*, Jean Claude Juncker spitted out a raw blackmail towards the  Greek politicians and  intervened once again in the internal democratic procedures of a sovereign country. he even implied a “contagion” – as interpreted by the international media -, in case Greeks won’t adopt the Mid-Term Austerity Programme. Video J-C Juncker “If not.., …

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