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Eurogroup-Juncker’s Raw Blackmail to Greeks “If not…” (video)

Euro-Indians Chief*, Jean Claude Juncker spitted out a raw blackmail towards the  Greek politicians and  intervened once again in the internal democratic procedures of a sovereign country. he even implied a “contagion” – as interpreted by the international media -, in case Greeks won’t adopt the Mid-Term Austerity Programme.

Video J-C Juncker “If not.., if not…”

“If not… if not.. “. Eurogroup Chief does not finish his sentence, makes a supposedly ‘meaningful’  gesture and looking with a …phony honesty directly in the camera let the threat whirling in the air, like a Damocles’s sword over the ehads of 11 million Greeks.  Jean-Claude Juncker pretends to look emotionally affected by the upcoming disaster should the defiant Hellenes do not adopt the vile Austerity Package that will disgrace a whole nation. “But this is not a question will have to face” he concludes (AFP)

A cold shower runs down on my spine… 

Jean-Claude Juncker  does not dare to say the whole truth. A sincere statement would be “Please, do adopt the Mid-Term Package because the IMF is putitng us under pressure, we are all hostages of the IMF, and our beloved Euro will be damaged, if you don’t accept the IMF-directives…. ”

Should we believe Juncker’s  “If not… if not…”? He personally admitted at least twice in recent times that he openly lies and earned with it the title of “EU’s Master of Lies“.  Last may he admitted he had lied about the agenda of a secret Eurogroup meeting concerning Greece. And in October 2010, he said the EU knew very well about the Greek debt long time ago. “The crisis could have been avoided, should it had been dealt with two decades ago”.

It’s such a pity to see vain and moth-eaten EU-politicians to have forgotten where they came from and now with a bold abuse of their power to believe they can impunity determine the fates of the people of Europe. They have quashed those democratic procedures that they brought them into power. The sovereign self-determination of people, the voting.

I assume Jean-Claude Juncker leeps still has that feudal mentality of the Luxembourg Castle that mutated into a state.

*paraphrasing the German  word “Oberindianer” (Indian Chief); A description used by German Rocker Udo Lindenberg for Erich Honecker, ex-DDR Chief, in his satirical song “Sonderzug nach Pankow”.

Video Sonderzug nach Pankow

By the way there is an excellent article by Financial Times “Political Union Cannot Fix the Euro“, where the author criticizes the inability of  EU politicians to create a strong European political identity and “therefore German, Dutch and Finnish voters revolting against the bailout of  Greece and that’s why Greeks riots against what they see as a new colonialism imposed by Brussels and Frankfurt.” It’s a really worth to read article, and a big “Thank” to Gaby for forwarding it.

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  1. Greece cheated and lied for years, tax evasion was and probably still is a Greek national sport and you blame Germany and the Eurozone for Greece’s problems? Wow… Why should hard working, honest and tax paying people from Europe throw their hard earned tax payer money into Greece’s mouth?
    Greece…you cheated, lied, profited…now be a man and pay for your previous sins. There is only ONE to blame…the greek government and the greek people who don’t seem to understand that good money comes from hard and honest work, not cheating and tax evasion. You messed up, now pay the price or just default and leave the Eurozone. I wouldn’t want to see one Cent of my valuable tax payer money to go to Greece anymore, especially after the insulting allegations against Germany.