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Justice Minister to decide on extradition of Serbian war crimes suspect

Greece’s Justice Minister Kostas Tsiaras will have to decide on whether to extradite a Serbian man to Croatia, where he is wanted for alleged war crimes committed in 1991, during the bloody break-up of Yugoslavia, or Serbia, which lodged a similar request on October 11. The 59-year-old Serbian national was …

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Italy to test travelers from Greece, 3 more EU countries, regions impose quarantine

Italy ruled on Wednesday that people travelling from Croatia, Greece, Malta and Spain must be tested for the coronavirus on arrival, as new infections increase in the four countries which are popular holiday destinations for Italians. “We have to continue with a prudent approach to defend the results we’ve achieved …

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Zizek’s “Gulags” turn Greek politics into …”Gulash”

There is Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek. He is apparently known for controversial comments triggering strong reactions. Whether Zizek has a weird sense of provocative humor or he believes what he says, I really cannot tell. And then there is Alexis Tsipras,  leader of left-wing SYRIZA, leader of main opposition party …

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Greece Seeks International Aid to Combat Wildfires Near Athens

Greece sought international aid to combat the wildfires that started on Saturday, spread to an area of  20,000 acres and burnt of rural and agricultural land, several houses, professional sites and warehouses and causing dozens of residents to flee their homes in the Eastern Attica region some 30 to 50 km away from …

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