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EU Commission approves Greece’s Primary Residence Protection for broke households

The European Commission approved on Thursday the Greek Primary Protection Scheme for households unable to repay their mortgage loans and at risk of losing their primary residence. According to a press release, the program has an annual budget of nearly 132 million euros and sets strict eligibility criteria along property …

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Number of debtors to Greek state increased over summer

Almost 600,000 Greeks were added to the long list of state debtors over the summer, according to a report by the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO), with experts viewing this as a sign of deterioration for the private economy in Greece. The PBO quarterly report for the July-September 2018 period noted …

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Greek Tax Offices to confiscate bank account savings without previous notice to debtor

Greece’s finance ministry is determined to bring in billions of revenues. Whether taxpayers can afford to pay them or not. Therefore the confiscation procedure will change and the long grabbing arm of the tax office will seize outstanding debts from the debtor’s bank account within two weeks. And without further …

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Greek gov’t seeks military camp to serve as prison for state debtors

Gradually, Greece turns into the 21st century version of the dark and gloomy world of Charles Dickens: with households burning wood for heating,  with workers working for nothing, … and to put the icing on the Greek cake, soon also with debtors’ prisons.  What we reported in January, turns into reality: tax prisons! The government seeks …

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Greek FinMin grabs last €129 euro from jobless’ bank account – without permission!

What we have been reading about the decision that the Greek finance ministry may grab money from bank accounts without the holder’s permission came true. A Greek jobless, father of three,  saw his last 129 euro disappear from his bank account and thus without previous warning or his explicit permission. This …

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Crete: Jobless Father of 7 Arrested for State Debt of Swirling 5,000 Euro

It’s always the easy and vulnerable target that pays the price. It’s always the weak and defenseless who gets to feel the rigid face of the law. Whether it’s called “austerity”, “state revenues”, “fill the state pockets”, “pay back lenders” or generalized “structural reforms”.  In Iraklio, Crete, the easy target was a father …

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