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Excavations at Odysseus Palace on Ithaca to resume after ….

Excavations at the archaeological site believed to be the Palace of Homer’s epic hero Odysseus on the island of Ithaca are to resume after the Prime Minister promised the necessary funding. “The Prime Minister has assured us that the excavations at the Palace of Odysseus will resume,” the mayor of …

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Pyramid island Keros in the Aegean reveals its stunning prehistoric secrets

Keros has been long famous for its flat-faced Cycladic marble statues. Latest excavations on the island reveal that the ancient inhabitants had an advanced system of plumbing long before the Mycenaeans built it in the palace of Knossos. Around 4,500 years ago, ancient engineers and workers terraced the little island …

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Amphipolis: Much Ado about a mysterious tomb without dead?

Excavations in the mysterious tomb of Amphipolis seem to have hit the big wall of deadlock. After having horizontally dug through three chambers, archeologists realized that there is no a fourth chamber, no sarcophagus, no bones of the deceased, no… nothing. so, the whole of the huge tomb was set …

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