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Fallstreak Hole: The stunning colorful phenomenon in Athens sky (video)

Shades of shiny red, orange, yellow and blue flooded the sky in Athens and Attica at dusk on Tuesday, February 2020. I was speaking on the phone with a friend  and we were both watching from our windows how the threads of the shiny colors intermingled with the layers of …

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Protesters “bury” the Pensions Bill as Greece paralyzes with a 24h strike

In a symbolic act, strikers in Herakleio, Crete, buried the pension and social security reform bill on Tuesday, the day Greece paralyzed due to the 24-hour strike. Some of the bill protesters in Heraklio wore Death costumes and held pruning shears in order to point out to the negative effects …

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Fine Greek mess: Trains, Proastiakos on strike without informing the public

The absolute fine Greek mess: the union of workers at trains and suburban train Proastiakos declared a strike without previous informing all workers and the public. And this on a day, where all other public transport means, metro, tram, buses, trolleys buses, are locked in depots and workers on strike. …

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Workers at all Athens public transport means join 24h strike on Feb 18

Workers are all public transport means in Athens will join the 24-hour general strike on Tuesday, February 18, 2020, leaving hundreds of thousands of commuters with no option other than use their own car, if they have any, taxi, if they find any, walk to workplace or stay at home. …

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Ferries and ships to be docked on Feb 18 due to general strike

Ferries and ships will stay docked at the ports on Tuesday, February 18, 2020, after the Greek Seamen Union PEPEN decided to participate in the general strike declared by public union ADEDY and several private sector unions. PEPEN has called its members to participate in the strike in protest against …

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