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Greece elections finals: ND 39.85%, SYRIZA 31.53%, Golden Dawn out

By 99.84% of the votes counted, the results of the general elections on 7. July 2019 bring six political parties in the Greek Parliament with the neo-Nazis of Golden Dawn to be definitely out. Two new parties enter the Parliament: Elliniki Lysi (Greek Solution) of far-right Kyriakos Velopoulos MeRA25 of anti-memorandum …

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Greece EU elections wipe out 3 political parties – Final Results

The European elections in Greece not only pushed conservative New Democracy to win with a margin of 9% it also wiped out three political parties with presence in the Greek Parliament. With 99.29% of the votes counted, Greek voters send 21 people from six political parties to the European Parliament. …

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Elections 2015- Final Results: SYR 36.34%, ND 27.81% GD 6.28%

Election 25. January 2015: seven parties succeded the 3% threshold and entered the Greek Parliament. Registered voters: 9,.911,495 . Voted 63.87%. Invalid/White 2.36%. Out of the Parliament 8,62%. Coalition government: SYRIZA (149) – Independent Greeks (13 seats) = total 162 seats in a parliament of 300. Absolute Majority in Parliament …

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Greece EP Elections – Final Results: SYR 26.58% ND 22.71% GD 9.40%

These are the final results from European Parliament voting by 100% of polling stations counted:     SYRIZA 26.58% – 6 MEPS (Glezos, Sakorafa, Papadimoulis, Kouneva, Katroygalos, Chrysogonos) ND  22.71%  –  5 MEPS (Vozenberg, Kefaloyiannis, Spyraki, Zagorakis, Kyrtsos) GOLDEN DAWN 9.40%  – 3  MEPS (Synadinos, Fountoulis, Epitideios) ELIA/PASOK 8.02% – …

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Greek Elections 2012: Final Results 100.00%

  Greek Elections 2012 – Here are the final results according  to Interior Ministry and voting processing system Singular Logic. The results refer to 100.oo% counting of the votes. From the 9,949,401 registered voters only 65,10% casted their votes. This has to do also with the fact the voters’ lists include those living abroad, …

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