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Greece writes off debts to state and banks up to €20,000

Greece will write off debts up to 20,000 euro to tax office, insurance funds but also consumer loans and credit cards to the banks. The measure targets the debt relief of allegedly some 35,000 people and the criteria are very strict: absolute poverty, not possession of property, no income at …

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Greek government spending decreasing, but debt/GDP high

There is certainly something wrong with the bailout and strict austerity program imposed by the creditors on Greece, so far. Government spending has been constantly decreasing but the debt/GDP ratio remains high. In fact it is higher than before the bailout in 2010… “Latest Greek data show government spending -21% …

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Greek gov’t to table proposal for inquiry into Loan Agreements (MoUs)

Left-wing SYRIZA tabling Tuesday evening a proposal for the establishment of a Parliament committee assigned to investigate the laon agreements (Memorandum of Undestanding) between previoous Greek governments and the country’s lenders IMF, EU and ECB. The inquiry will investigate the time periods October 2009 -May 2010 (Papandreou gov’t, 1. loan …

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Privatizations in Energy sector cause rift in Greek government

Energy Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis declared absolute negative towards privatizations in Greece’s energy sector. “There is not going to be any privatization in DEH [Public Power Company] in DEPA [natural gas distribution operator ] or ELPE [Petroleum Company]. I repeat what I have said until today,” Lafazanis told daily TA NEA. …

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Greek gov’t policy program and vote of confidence, Feb 8-10/2015

Greek coalition government SYRIZA-Independent Greeks will announce its policy programme in Parliament on Sunday, February 8th, will the vote of confidence will take place two days later, Tuesday, February 10th around midnight. The program announcement will take place one day later than originally scheduled, most likely due to the meetings …

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