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Great Greek singer Poly Panou, 73, passes away after battle with cancer

One of the greatest voices of Greece, one of the grande dames of Greek popular music, Poly Panou passed away on Friday losing a long battle against cancer. She was 73 years old. Her songs and her original voice made her one of the best Greeks female singers. Every song …

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Skarimpas/Spanos: “Broken Ship” (Greek music)

No news, just a poem. A popular Greek song. I heard last night at a poetry and music event in downtown Athens…     Broken Ship (Σπασμένο Καράβι) – Lyrics by Yiannis Skarimpas Broken ship over there in the deep am I so to be with no masts, without sails to …

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Beautiful Moments: Antony Quinn, 84, dances for Mikis Theodorakis (video)

Debt Restructure? Bankruptcy? Let the sterile technocrats worry about how to protect their own, virtual money.  Millions of Greek Zorbas defy the speculators’ misery and catastrophe scenarios. It sounds like a game anyway. That is a great video from the times when people had still something to say. In a rare moment,  Mr. …

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Bithikotsis: Be Patient – Dedicated to New Austerity (Greek music)

 What if a debt restructure with all its negative impact for an endless poverty for the people.. what if new austerity measures will come… One is the recipe for the future: Patience! “Be patient” is another Greek classical song in the divine music of Stavros Xarchakos and the metallic voice of Grigoris …

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Tragic Death for Manolis Rasoulis (music videos)

Famous Greek lyricist, singer and writer Manolis Rasoulis, 66, was found dead on his bed in his home in Thessaloniki on Sunday. Coroner’s autopsy showed that he died from a heart attack that occurred eight days ago. Rasoulis friends and relatives were alarmed after he did not answered their phone calls …

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Manolis Lidakis: One of my favorite Greek singers (videos)

Manolis Lidakis is one of my favorite contemporary Greek singers. He has an excellent voice with an even greater potential and he is a great interpreter. Then I believe, a good voice is not enough to make a great song or a great singer.  I have this CD “San palio krasi (Like old wine) …

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