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Bithikotsis: Be Patient – Dedicated to New Austerity (Greek music)

 What if a debt restructure with all its negative impact for an endless poverty for the people.. what if new austerity measures will come… One is the recipe for the future: Patience! “Be patient” is another Greek classical song in the divine music of Stavros Xarchakos and the metallic voice of Grigoris Bithikotsis. Lyrics by film director Alekos Sakellarios. The song was featured in the film “Modern Cinderella” in 1965. However during the Junta 1967-1974, it was almost forbidden for its “subversive political messages”.



Neighborhood, your road is narrow
cold and gray sky
black life from morning till the evening
for companion an overcast
Patience, patience, patience

Be patient
and the sky will be more blue
Be patient
A lemon tree blooms in the neighborhood

Patience, patience, patience

Be patient, Be patient 

Video:excerpt from the film: Bithikotsis/Vougiouklaki

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