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Manolis Lidakis: One of my favorite Greek singers (videos)

Manolis Lidakis is one of my favorite contemporary Greek singers. He has an excellent voice with an even greater potential and he is a great interpreter. Then I believe, a good voice is not enough to make a great song or a great singer.  I have this CD “San palio krasi (Like old wine) , which he produced back in 1999. Every time we have a festive family lunch, like today, together with the dessert we serve music! We mostly listen to classic Greek “laika” songs as there are older family members and relatives around.  We normally start with Mary Linda/Manolis Chiotis and their famous Greek Mambos. After sweets and even some dance, we move to the comfort of the couches and together with coffee, I serve … Manolis Lidakis!

Manolis Lidakis is from Heraklion, Crete. He studied music since the age of nine and playes several music instruments.


I want to share with you two of my very favorite songs from this album. “Apoinia” (Compassionless) and “Poios tha to pisteve” (Who would have thought it)



Poios tha to pisteve


Niwse me (Feel me)

And here the big surprise! Manolis Lidakis sings together with Lucio Dalla and Marios Frangoulis “Caruso”!

If you want to know more about him check this blog here – it’s dedicated to Manolis Lidakis and it is in English!


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