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Booking Error: Thousands of pensioners to return €27mn to Greek state

Thousands of Greek pensioners have to return to state more than 27 million euros as they received more than they should. The issue affects 6,410 retired members of the Greek Armed Forces and 1,567 pensioners of the private sector social security fund EFKA. In December 2018, an additional amount of …

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€241million loss for Greek State as previous gov’ts did not claim rebates from pharma industry

The Greek state has suffered a loss totaling 241 million euros from not claiming back the rebates from the pharma industry. This was denounced by the Minister of Health, Andreas Xanthos, and Labor, Efi Achtsioglou, in an extraordinary press conference. The loss suffered by the Greek State over the period …

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More than €4million in ‘kickbacks’ money returned to Greek state

More than four million euros in “kickbacks” money have been transferred to a bank account of the Greek government in January. The money is part of kickbacks paid for procurement of armament programs. Minister of Justice Stavros Kontonis said that the total amount of €4,313,675 has been transferred to the …

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Debtors in Greece: Would you share your bedroom with the tax office?

Greece’s finance ministry has apparently run out of ideas. Ops! I should immediately correct myself: Greece’s finance ministry has obviously realized that the ideas the team of advisers produce to force citizens to “give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar” – in Modern English that’s “the taxes” –  is sheer …

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