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Mati fire: Investigator says he was pressured to cover up, ex Minister files against newspaper

It rains lawsuits following revelations about possible mishandling of the wildfire in Mati in July 2018/17 that cost the lives of over 100 people. Former Citizen Protection Minister filed a law suit against daily Kathimerini for the revelations, while the main Fire Service investigator filed a lawsuit saying that he …

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Taxes and more taxes swallow Greek employees’ wages

I am so glad that somebody sat down and summarized what KTG has been reporting about for the last three years. Τhat is all the reporting about taxes and more taxes, and regular and emergency taxes that become permanent taxes. Not to forget the social security contributions and the income …

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Ex-SDOE Chief To Testify in Case of Not-Collection of Fines for Illegal Fuel Trading

Ioannis Kapaeleris, former head of financial crimes units (SDOE) and current General Secretary at the Greek Finance Ministry is going to testify in front of a prosecutor and give exmplanations in the case of not collecting fines for illegal fuel trading. On the status of ‘suspect’ Kapeleris will visit the Deputy Public Prosecutor in …

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Athens: People protest outside Ex Ministers’ House (pcts, video)

About 1,500 people gathered outside the house of former minister Akis Tsochatzopoulos and shouted slogans like  “Thieves, thieves!” and “Aki, bring the money back!”. The rest of the slogans were really …inspiring however  a translation would not bring the rhyme spirit into English. Some protesters left massages at the house entrance urging him …

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