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Corinth Canal closed to marine traffic after rockslide (video) UPD

Rocks detached from the walls of the Corinth Canal and forced the managing company and the Greek Coast Guard to temporarily close the water passage for ships and yachts on Thursday afternoon. So far the reason for the rock-slide is not known. For the time being it is also not …

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Zakynthos Shipwreck beach closed until ‘further notice’. What’s next?

Thousands of tourists will be able to admire the famous Zakynthos Shipwreck from afar after Port Authorities forbade both anchoring of boats and swimming in the area following the cliff collapse on Thursday. Port Authorities on the island of Zakynthos have issued a decision forbidding the sailing of and anchoring …

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Tourists narrowly escape death as cliff collapses at Zakynthos shipwreck (videos)

People narrowly escapes death when the cliff collapses at the beach of Zakynthos shipwreck on Thursday morning. Three people sitting on a boat seem to escape the rock slide in the last moment. A woman tries to hold on an overturned boat. A man tries to reach her but nature …

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Zakynthos shipwreck: Landslide overturns boats, injures tourists

A landslide in the area of the famous  Zakynthos shipwreck has overturned boats and injured tourists who were visiting the iconic site. So far, reports about injuries and possible missing tourists are conflicting with media to speak of one to three injured tourists. +++According to latest information (01:30 pm): A …

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Impressive drone footage shows the landslide in Corinth Canal (video)

The Corinth Canal remains closed to marine traffic after  big rocks fell into the water due to landslides on Monday. The Greek Coast Guard immediately decided to close the Canal for ship and yacht passage. An impressive drone footage by group Up Drones shows the whole damage that has immense …

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Santorini: Landslide kills one American tourist, injures four

One American tourist was killed and four other foreigners were injured when a group of rocks slided down the island of Santorini. According to news portal Zougla, the 52-year-old American was on a donkey ride sight-seeing tour together with his wife, his son and some other foreign citizens.  Shortly after 4 p.m. a group of …

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