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Protesters hang bras and briefs outside the Greek Parliament

Open-air market vendors hung bras and briefs outside the Greek Parliament on Monday morning to protest a series of so-called “reforms” that will “economically destroy 50,000 families” as they claim. symbolic protest based on the Greek phrase “mas piran ta sovraka” (“they deprived us of our briefs” )meaning “they stole …

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Greece Unlocks Subsidy for Formula One Track in Patras

Greek Ministry of Development unlocked a subsidy of 28.9 million euro for the contruction of a Formula One car racing track in Chalandritsa area of Patras in Western Greece. Total cost of the project is 94.6 million euro and is expected to create more than 500 jobs in a country …

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IMF Opposes “Special Economic Zones” in Greece!?

International Monetary Fund is allegedly against the establishment of “special economic zones” (SEZ) in debt-ridden Greece. This follows on a news posted in a Greek economic news portal about the meeting of Greek Development Minister Costis Chatzidakis with the representatives of IMF, EU and ECB – the Troika – on Tuesday. Taking into consideration …

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Baker Fined for Distributing Free Potatoes to His Customers

While speculators continue to operate undisturbed, the Ministry of Development has exhausted its severity and the law in punishing a baker for handing out free potatoes to his customers, two weeks ago. According to daily “Eleftheros Typos”, the Ministry fined the baker with 5,000 euros. A statement issued by the General Secretariat of …

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