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Independent investigators question role of police during Fyssas’ murder (video ENG)

Forensic Architecture has presented the results of its investigation into the murder of antifascist activist and rapper Pavlos Fyssas. He was stabbed to death on 18 Sep 2013 by a member of Golden Dawn on a street of Keratsini suburb of Piraeus. Forensic Architecture was commissioned by Fyssas’ family and …

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“Avgi”, the girl that lived 9,000 years ago: Greek and Swedish experts reconstruct her face

Archaeologists called her Avgi – Dawn – because she lived at the dawn of today’s civilization. Last time anyone saw her face was nearly 9,000 years ago.  She lived in Thessaly, Central Greece, at the end of the Mesolithic period around 7000 B.C. Greek and Swedish scientists reconstructed her face …

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