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Bones, skull of missing man found on west Attica mountains

Hunters found bones and a human skull in a remote place of the Gerania Mountains in western Attica on Saturday. The human remains were identified to belong to a missing man. Last Saturday noon, a hunter noticed that his dog was digging up bones through bushes in an remote area …

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Byzantine warrior skull with gold-threaded jaw unearthed in Greece

A rugged Byzantine warrior, who was decapitated following the Ottoman’s capture of his fort during the 14th century, had a jaw threaded with gold, a new study finds. An analysis of the warrior’s lower jaw revealed that it had been badly fractured in a previous incident, but that a talented …

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“Avgi”, the girl that lived 9,000 years ago: Greek and Swedish experts reconstruct her face

Archaeologists called her Avgi – Dawn – because she lived at the dawn of today’s civilization. Last time anyone saw her face was nearly 9,000 years ago.  She lived in Thessaly, Central Greece, at the end of the Mesolithic period around 7000 B.C. Greek and Swedish scientists reconstructed her face …

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