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Energy Ombudsman to mediate between consumers and suppliers

The Greek Energy Ombudsman is a new service  to facilitate the resolution of disputes between consumers and suppliers. The service goes in operation on Thursday, February 1, 2024, the Waste, Energy and Water Regulatory Authority announced today, Tuesday The Energy Ombudsman mediates in order to facilitate the out-of-court resolution of …

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“Energy tourists” owe €300-400 million to Greece’s suppliers

“Energy tourists” in Greece have burdened energy suppliers with an estimated overdue debt of 300-400 million euros. “Energy tourists” are repordely households and businesses, who move from one electricity provider to another leaving unpaid bills. According to calculations by the General Manager of “Natural Gas” and president of ESPEN (Association …

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Significant reduction in power bills coming in February

Significant reductions in electricity bills for household consumers in February were announced by the Public Power Corporation (PPC) and other power providers on Saturday. In the announcement, it was noted that the final consumer price depends on the amount of the electricity consumption subsidy announced every month by the Ministry …

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Parliament approves bill on taxing electricity surplus profits

The Greek Parliament approved on Wednesday an amendment to tax surplus profits of electricity suppliers. According to the regulation, surpluses are defined as the difference between the “Reasonable Average Retail Price” to be determined by ministerial decision based on costs and a reasonable profit margin, and the actual price that …

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No Grexit, No Grexident. The IOUs are coming…!?

Forget the Grexit, the Grexident and the Drachma scenarios. They are out! The 20-April-bankruptcy script writers have invented a new solution: something like a parallel currency. No, not the older scenario option of using Drachma nationally and the Euro internationally. Something new: the IOUS! A form of alternative mean of …

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Shortage of Drugs Due to Pharma Embargo to Greek National Health Service

The never ending story of the Greek patient: While private pharmacists continue to block prescription medicine on credit, drugs have started to disappear from the pharmacies shelves of EOPYY. Patients have now to seek state pharmacies in hospitals to get life-saving medication. Gerasimos Voudouris, president of  National health Care Services EOPYY,  …

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