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Tortured, burned & left to die… Animal Abuse in Greece must be a Felony!

His body is skin and bones. His back bears burning marks. One foot is ‘abutated’. Dozens of ticks suck his blood. Human cruelty seems to have no limits. Most probably this poor hunting dog was tortured and dumped to die…

This brown beauty dog was found in Mystegna and rescued by members of non-profit organisation “Society for Unprotected Animals-Kivotos” in the island of Mytilene.


Even the vet, the dog was brought in, was shocked! Giannis Palaiologos writes in Society’s Facebook page “I have been working as a vet for 23 years and I can’t deny I got a small shock when I saw this dog. I am pretty sure the animal’s back foot was tied with a wire, it got gangrene and ‘fell off’. The injures on his back stem from burning”.

It is quite common that animals injured in paws and legs  bite off  tissues and bones to get rid of the wounded part. Tied to a tree with a tight wire? Set on fire alive?  This unlucky dog can not speak about the cruelty and the terrible pains he suffered.

Cleaned of ticks, healed of infected wounds, sated with caress and food, his eyes beg you to love him.


The mercyless torture and abuse of voiceless creatures in Greece seems to know no end!  Help us make Animal Abuse in Greece a Felony!

This could scare at least some of the cruel sadists, who go around free and unpunished. 

Let’s Make the Difference! Please, sign the Petition! 

Sign also directly by Clicking the Blue Banner “Against Animal Abuse” site’s right column 


“Society for Unprotected Animals-Kivotos”:

more dogs’ photos:

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    kalo tha itan na min vlepame pote tetoies friktes eikones. alla na einai kala kapoi pou den tha mporousa oute na tous onomasw frontizoun na mas vgaloun eksw apo ta rouxa mas. ftou sas.
    ypegrapsa bebaia tin petition.

    me tin elpida na min doun ta matia mas alles tetoies eikones


  2. KeepTalkingGreece

    Thanks for much for signing the petition! You are absolutely right, Noone of us wishes to see such horribles pictures again!

  3. This is so sickening!! Scumbags like this should be set on fire!!

  4. Absolutely despicable!Signed the petition, of course – but whatever charges could be brought against sub-human scum capable of such monstrous cruelty could never come close to being enough. I agree with the previous poster – it’s a great shame they can’t get the same treatment that they are only too happy to dish out.

  5. Greece needs to get it all together and do everything they can to help these animals instead of torturing them and killing them off!!!!!! They need to do so immediately!!!!!!!!!

  6. no comment

  7. jeannette marriott

    I couldn’t believe what i saw in the pictures.The Sub Human who did this should be locked up and the key thrown away.
    To inflict pain on a defenceless animal what the person did is barbaric.Wonder how brave he or she would be if the same thing was inflicted on them?!!