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Daily Archives: March 7, 2011

Greece in the grip of Snow Weather – Motorists stuck in Highways

Greece is in the grip of snow weather that started Monday afternoon with low temperatures, snow, sleet and strong winds reaching up to 9-10 Beaufort (North Aegean Sea). The national highway from Athens to Lamia was closed to traffic after 08:00 pm due to particularly extreme weather conditions hitting the area …

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Moody’s downgrades Greece on beginning of Lent-What a great sense of humor!

The guys working at the rating agency Moody’s must have an extra ordinary sense of humor. On the Greek Orthodox Holiday “Clean Monday” marking the beginning of the Lent and the fasting before Eastern,  the Moody’s decided to enforce believers or not to go into a strict diet on the perspective of …

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Manolis Lidakis: One of my favorite Greek singers (videos)

Manolis Lidakis is one of my favorite contemporary Greek singers. He has an excellent voice with an even greater potential and he is a great interpreter. Then I believe, a good voice is not enough to make a great song or a great singer.  I have this CD “San palio krasi (Like old wine) …

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“Kathari Deytera” – Tradition of Lagana, Sea Food and Kites

Kathari Deytera or Clean Monday marks the end of Carnival and the beginning of the Greek Christian Orthodox Lent – the 40 days fasting until Eastern. What is the best way to celebrate the beginning of Lent? With plenty of Food! Ha! And Kites!   Traditionally the tables are covered with …

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