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Daily Archives: April 9, 2011

Bithikotsis: Be Patient – Dedicated to New Austerity (Greek music)

 What if a debt restructure with all its negative impact for an endless poverty for the people.. what if new austerity measures will come… One is the recipe for the future: Patience! “Be patient” is another Greek classical song in the divine music of Stavros Xarchakos and the metallic voice of Grigoris …

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Greece, Israel, US jointly excercise in SE Mediterranean Sea

If you sail in the south-east Mediterranean Sea and you see some military vessels coming towards you, don’t panic! It’s just a joint naval military exercise between Greece, Israel and the USA. The exercise is called Noble Dina 11 and is taking place April 3-14, 2011. According to portal MilitaryPhotos …

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Did you know Greek Post Office closes down branches?

I admit I didn’t know that. In fact I hadn’t even realized it as I personally haven’t took advantage of a post office services  for years – even in the years I was living abroad. But I took notice of this otherwise not known issue by reading a local newspaper. …

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Ireland and Greece will help to bail-out Portugal

That’s lovely and shows real solidarity among the impoverished  of the euro zone. After they got bailout themselves, Greece and Ireland are going to put on the counter their own part of their own bailout loan to bailout Portugal. Then Portugal, a country seeking now a €90 billion bailout, had …

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