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Daily Archives: September 19, 2011

No Deal in Venizelos-Troika Conference – Maybe Tomorrow?

The conference call between Greek Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos and representatives form the IMF and the EU concluded after two and a half hours. It will resume tomorrow, Tuesday, at 7 pm. Greek media quote government spokesman describing  the discussion as “productive and  substantive”.  It looks as if it was a hard …

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VAT 23%? KTG Accepts Beer Donations

Beer prices got incredible high due to latest VAT hikes at 23%. A half-liter tin can costs €1.38 at super-market and €1.80 at the kiosk. KTG refuses to pay these prices. But the blog that brings Greek realities to foreigners, dares to accept beer donations!  Damned be the beer craving after the latest VAT …

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WSJ: Don’t Discount the Role of Military in Greece

As if the pressure ahead the new austerity measures were not enough, conspiracy theorists from the USA jumped and landed in our lives as well. An commentary with the title”Greece: Don’t Discount the Role of Military” the author claims some coup possibilities in the debt-ridden country. No, do not expect a thorough …

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Shocking Austerity Measures Under Troika Pressure?

Greece’s lenders, the so-called Troika allegedly demands from Athens to stop paying public sector pensions to those who haven’t concluded the 55th year of age yet. This claim is being published by TO VIMA newspaper online edition on Monday, hours before the crucial conference call  between Venizelos and the Troika targeting the additional …

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Troika’s Reforms that Deform the Greek Society

“I am really scr**ed” says Maria. “I have to pay € 2,000 property levy for my home and a similar amount for my holiday home. If you add the income tax, the extra contributions for trade and solidarity, you can imagine how screwed I am ” she says and her voice sounds more and more …

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