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Daily Archives: November 4, 2011

Greece: Papandreou Confidence Vote -Live Blogging in English

Under the pressure of many of his deputies Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou is being ‘forced’ to deliver his speech a couple of hours earlier than scheduled. Not shortly before the confidence vote starts at midnight, but in good half-an-hour, at 8 pm local time. Ruling party PASOK parliamentary group …

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Greeks Queue For A Charity Free Meal

Thousands Greeks queue day in, day out for a free meal, a slice of bread and a bottle of water at the soup kitchens organized by charity organisations. While until recently the majority of the needy queueing for free meals were homeless, drug addicts and illegal immigrants, the picture changed in …

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Greek State Revenues Down at -7% in October

OMG! With all the political turmoil, we almost forgot our economic misery! State revenues recorded a -7% minus in October. The Finance Ministry seems to blame the strikes. Greeks blame the harsh austerity and their income cuts at -40%. And BTW: Athens Stock Exchange is -2.22% ahead the confidence vote.  The Greek Treasury …

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Last Act of the Greek Tragicomedy?

You can call it what you want. A Farce. A Drama. A Tragicomedy. Political Acrobats. Theater of the Absurd. A Crazy-House. A Poker game. A Kindergarten. The political pandemonium  that took part yesterday in Greece was beyond any of logic. It stunned foreigners and Greeks alike. The national humiliation in Cannes, the referendum-‘card’ …

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