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Troika-EU Repr. Kröger: Portugese Are Better than Greeks!?

Apparently, debt-ridden and well-behaved Portuguese are better than broke and defiant Greeks. In fact, “Portuguese are good and Greeks  are …bad (?)” if we want to believe German Juergen Kroeger, EU representative of the Troika group supervising the bailout package in  Portugal. This sentence from Kroeger angered the journalists in Portugal who asked explanations.

Portugal is not Greece, it is stable and people are good

Representative in the Troika of the European Commission says there is no risk fro Portugal to become  Greece, because, around here, “people are good.” In an interview to “Diário de Notícias” German Troika-man Jürgen Kröger presented an unusual arguments to support his belief. Apart from having a parliamentary majority that supports the objectives of the adjustment program in progress. Portugal has a majority in parliament and the people are good. And in Greece people are not? asks the DdN.  “I can not compare,” responds Kröger. (source: Jornal De Negocios)

This news was sent to KTG by reader Ana. She noted in her e-mail:

“I don’t think it is politically correct: either this German guy is saying the Portuguese are dumb, or that the Greeks are scum…
I had to share this with Greece.
He says in the interview that Portuguese are not like Greeks. Portuguese are good people. When the interviewer asks if Greeks aren’t good, he says he cannot compare. What the heck?”


PS Sometimes it is better these Troika guys eat instead of …speak 🙂

The newspaper link tranlated into English HERE

 Juergen Kroeger or Jürgen Kröger?


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  1. “Juergen Kroeger or Jürgen Kröger?” Is that a question? If it is, both ways are acceptable, but the second one is the preferred one. The first one dates from the time when there was no umlaut available on keyboards.

  2. it was meant as a …joke (lol). Kroeger bad, Kröger good. A bad and ununderstable joke 🙁

  3. Tomorrow, if I remember correctly , is the first general strike in Portugal . The government plans to move towards nationalization of the banks, and its fiscal devaluation , amongst other measures, is not being appreciated. I suggest Kröger take a walk through any protests and tell the Portuguese there they are good. If he comes out in one piece , he might try the next demonstration in Greece . He could find a nice bench to stand on and be heard ‘I was in Portugal , the Portuguese are good. They have a big procession with banners saying Troika, and fireworks. They cheer and shout when they see me, and come running to say hello, but it is too many , so I hide . Now I come to Greece where people still must learn to recognize me … ‘

  4. LOL, good idea, with “good” people and idiotic bureaucrats who forget who pays their salaries.

  5. Wonderful! The system is good. People are the problem. It is something you hear staunch communist say when they defend the fallen system in the former Eastern Block. Just get rid of the people and paradise is upon us.
    There just came a ‘strange’ thought in my mind: Merkel is from the GDR. From where is Jürgen Kröger? She and the other ‘Genossen’ were nicely integrated into the German ruling fabric. And they are now also European civil servants. So, might it be not that there is a Fifth Column of former GDR-agents aiming to get us all into one wonderful dictatorships of the proletariat??? The European Democratic Republic? That would be fun 😛

  6. interesting point of view. “JK” nothing found on his CV in google.

  7. No, that surprised me too… 😕

  8. a no-name lol

  9. Ah, okay. Sorry for not getting it.

  10. no problem – that’s the internet lol